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[S7E10] Ride Or Die

Liz is putting a lot of trust and faith into Katarina, even saying "I'm a Rostova." But is that a wise decision? Jon Bokenkamp: I think that's the question, right? Like, is that a wise decision? I think it's an interesting one for the audience. Because from the audience's point of view, we get to go on the ride with Liz and Katarina, who are in search of the ultimate truth that can unlock this whole series. And yet, they're going around Reddington, they're going behind his back, which can be a very dangerous thing. So I think it gives us an opportunity to put Liz and Red in a sort of new dynamic. He won't even know about this going into the second half of the season. But it gives us some really great situations and some great drama. Like John says, great family drama in terms of how they're going to navigate these waters and try to get to the truth along the way.

[S7E10] Ride or Die

Beth first encounters Hotch while both are training for their respective triathlons, coincidentally on the same route. When they stop at a park, Beth talks to Hotch and both realize that one another is participating in a triathlon. Having known about Hotch's biking skills beforehand, Beth asks him for some tips on how to ride one, as she isn't the best cyclist. Hotch agrees to let her know when he is available and she gives him a card before telling him she knew he was an FBI agent after seeing his suit. She then leaves.

After grabbing some equipment from Dale's house with Nancy's help, Hank, Bill & Boomhauer head to Mega Lo Mart to catch the rat and save Hank's reputation. When they get to Mega Lo Mart and meet with Dale, they convince him that they're going to help him track down Mangione, which Dale accepts with glee. As the four men spread out to lay rat traps everywhere, strange things begin to happen. When Boomhauer tries a gyroscope ride and Bill gets stuck to a broken heart pressure machine they are both seemingly attacked by Chuck Mangione. Dale believes that Chuck is responsible but when Hank tries to dispute it, the mongoose Dale let out to flush out Mangione activates a trap that Dale had set earlier.

This ride or die duo of damaged goods, who've had each others' backs for the entirety of the zompocalypse, aren't big on words. Or emotions, in general. This makes some of their smaller interactions all the more meaningful. As double-tough comrades through thick and thin, through grief and heartache, Melissa McBride's Carol and Norman Reedus' Daryl slowly evolved their bond into a deep, soulful relationship that can weather any storm.

Viewers then saw a glimpse of Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), as well as Burgess, who both helped create a pathway for Halstead to get into the ambulance. The last thing you saw before the opening credits was Hailey jumping into the ambulance to ride with Jay to Med.

There's also unclaimed dragons like Seasmoke (once ridden by Laenor) on Driftmark. Daemon mentions an additional two currently riderless dragons called Vermithor and Silverwing on Dragonstone. Plus three wild dragons, also on Dragonstone, and 20 dragon eggs.

Abandoned by his father, who goes to Neverland and becomes Peter Pan, and mother Fiona, Rumplestiltskin is raised by spinsters. He eventually marries a woman named Milah, and they live a happy life together. Rumplestiltskin is then chosen to join their army and fight against the ogres. Close to the battlefield and now a soldier, Rumplestiltskin is assigned to guard a seer, who is locked in a cage. However, the seer tells Rumplestiltskin that he will die when the soldiers ride cows to battle. Rumplestiltskin doesn't acknowledge what the seer is saying, until he discovers that "cows" are a slang term for leather saddles. Fearing death, Rumplestiltskin grabs a hammer and breaks one of his legs with it so that he will go home. But when he returns home, Milah expresses disgust at Rumplestiltskin's cowardice and starts taking regular trips to the pub where she hangs out with a crew of pirates. Milah eventually abandons Rumplestiltskin and their son Baelfire for a life of adventure as a pirate. Rumplestiltskin is known as the village coward, until Baelfire is suddenly at risk of being forced to join the war. Rumplestiltskin steals a dagger tethered to the Dark One, summoning Zoso.

As it thunders and rains outside, Sookie sits alone at her dining room table, as she looks around her house of memories. As she gazes out the window, she can hear the giggling of herself as a child, running through the rain with Tara. She flashes back to a memory of herself and Tara as adolescents running into her house to escape a storm. Little Tara beats her inside, and remarks that if Sookie's hair frizzed from the moisture of the rain the way her hair did, she would have ran just as fast. Little Sookie giggles as she follows her best friend inside. Present-day Sookie smiles at the memory, and looks away from the window. Suddenly, she hears her grandmother's voice from the kitchen, as she flashes back to the memory of herself and Tara, soaked and wrapped in towels, sitting in her kitchen. Adele tells little Sookie and little Tara that they should have called her for a ride, rather than run through the rain. Little Sookie replies that running in the rain was fun; little Tara chimes it also treats them to hot cocoa, as Adele serves them their mugs. The girls thank her, and she leaves to retrieve some dry clothes for them. As they drink their hot cocoa, little Sookie hears little Tara's thoughts, revealing her crush on Jason. Shocked, little Sookie announces incredulously that Tara likes her brother. Little Tara tells little Sookie to stop listening to her thoughts. Little Sookie apologizes, but little Tara complains that it isn't fair that she cannot keep a secret from her telepathic friend, and asks little Sookie to reveal who she secretly likes so that they can be even. Little Sookie replies that she doesn't like any of the boys that they know, because she can hear their sordid thoughts. Little Tara asks if Sookie will always remain single and childless for this reason. Adele overhears their conversation as little Sookie answers that she wants to marry and have children someday, but she doesn't believe that she ever can. Adele scolds her for giving up so quickly without even trying, telling little Sookie that she may have any kind of future that she desires, as long as she does not limit herself. Adele asks little Sookie if she understands what she is saying. Little Sookie responds that she does. Adele turns to little Tara, and tells her to make sure Sookie does not forget her instructions if she is no longer with them when Sookie is grown. Little Tara agrees.

We begin with an everybody-getting-lucky montage. Jax works through his grief by taking Winsome the hooker to bed. Gemma is distant in bed with Nero. Tig works his magic on Venus the transgender escort. Jarry and Chibs make love -- in a bed this time, for a change of pace. Rat relaxes as a woman who is not Brooke rides atop him. Happy works out his issues with a nameless blond on the hood of a car. Wendy and her motorized buddy have some quiet time in bed. In prison, Juice doesn't resist as Tully exacts his price in the prison currency of man flesh.

After seven seasons of heartbreak, toxic exes, breakups and makeups, Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) are stronger than ever on Chicago Fire. Let's look back on their relationship history:

Kidd made her Firehouse 51 debut as the newest team member in Episode 15. Viewers learned that she and Severide met each other years back at the Fire Academy. Flash-forward to Mouch's wedding during Episode 18's "On the Warpath": Kidd reveals Severide made a grand romantic gesture while they were trainees. According to her, he came to her home and was "rappelling down from a skylight" while singing Frank Sinatra's "This Love of Mine." The downside? Kidd was married at the time and her husband, Grant, was not happy.

Grant continues to be the main obstacle keeping Kidd and Severide apart. At the end of the Season 5 premiere, an infuriated Grant attacks Kidd in the alleyway at Molly's, but not before Severide saves her and stabs Grant. However, Kidd still has sympathy for her ex (who's an addict) and declines to press charges for his attack. Instead, she encouraged him to go to rehab. This decision strains her and Severide's relationship, and the two put a stop to their budding romance before it ever really began. They remained friends throughout the season.

After she gets kicked out of her apartment, Severide invites Kidd to stay in his guest room (despite their complicated history). Now that they're roommates, their connection is even harder to ignore. Kidd even drops a drunken kiss on Severide during Episode 6's "Down Is Better," but he gently turns her down by insisting it wasn't the right time for them to get together. "Not like this," he tells her.

Despite both pursuing other relationships throughout the season, at the end of Episode 15, they officially begin dating. In order to make sure their relationship keeps moving on the right track, Kidd moves out of Severide's apartment. In the season finale, Severide calls Kidd his girlfriend.

Stellaride's happiness is cut short when Severide's father dies. Stricken by grief, he distances himself from Kidd, and she breaks up with him. But Severide uses nearly the entire season to become a better man, and they get back together in the finale.

When compared to the drama of episodes past, Season 8 was largely uneventful for Stellaride. The highlight? Kidd moved back in with Severide into his and Casey's apartment in Episode 12's "Then Nick Porter Happened."

Despite a brief rough patch at the beginning of the season, Stellaride become engaged in Episode 15's A White-Knuckle Panic." Severide pops the question in a burning building while the two are on duty.

Kidd is gone from Firehouse 51 throughout the first half of the season in efforts to spread the word about her Girls on Fire program. She barely communicates with Severide while she's away, leaving him to question how she feels about their engagement. By Episode 10 she's back, and they solve their differences after Kidd opens up about her anxiety. 041b061a72


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