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Duniya Dilwalon Ki Movie Download

Duniya Dilwalon Ki Movie Download

Duniya Dilwalon Ki is a Hindi dubbed version of Kadhal Desam, a 1996 Tamil romance film written and directed by Kathir and produced by K. T. Kunjumon. The film stars Vineeth, Abbas and Tabu in the lead roles, while S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Vadivelu, Chinni Jayanth and Srividya play supporting roles. The film was a box office success and received positive reviews from critics and audiences. The film was also remade in Bangladeshi Bengali as Narir Mon.

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The film revolves around the friendship and love triangle of Karthik, Arun and Divya, who are college students in Chennai. Karthik is a poor orphan who studies in Pachaiyappa's College, while Arun is a rich boy who studies in Loyola College. They become friends after Arun saves Karthik's life in a riot between the rival colleges. However, their friendship is tested when they both fall in love with Divya, a new girl who joins their college. Divya likes them both but does not want to choose one, thereby losing the other and disrupting their friendship. The film ends with Karthik and Arun reconciling their friendship and remaining friends with Divya.

The film features music composed by A. R. Rahman, who won the Filmfare Award for Best Music Director for his work. The film also has cinematography by K. V. Anand, who later became a successful director himself. The film was shot in various locations in India and abroad, including Chennai, Ooty, Mumbai, Goa, Singapore and Malaysia. The film was dubbed in Hindi by Venus Records & Tapes and released in 1997 as Duniya Dilwalon Ki.

If you are looking for Duniya Dilwalon Ki movie download, you can find it on various online platforms that offer Hindi movies. However, you should be aware that downloading movies from unauthorized sources may be illegal and unethical. You should always respect the rights of the filmmakers and support their work by watching movies legally. You can also watch Duniya Dilwalon Ki movie online on streaming services that have the license to show the film.

Duniya Dilwalon Ki is a movie that celebrates friendship and love in a youthful and vibrant way. It has a catchy soundtrack, a charming cast and a heartwarming story that will make you smile and cry. If you are a fan of romantic movies, you should definitely watch Duniya Dilwalon Ki.


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