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Paul Banks
Paul Banks

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For a Domino developer, a switch to the Salesforce Platform can be a paradigm shift, mostly because of the migration from a NoSQL database to the relational model. But the data model is simple and intuitive at the application level. Business objects, activities, and related records are easy-to-comprehend building blocks that let you get started quickly.

ibm rational application developer crack


There are two separate application development tools (web-based), each positioned for different developer profiles: Mendix Studio, for business analysts or citizen developers without technical knowledge, and Mendix Studio Pro, for IT developers.

It is very good for resource allocation and tracking. We have a large team of database developers, application developers, and the engineering team. We can allocate tasks for every resource on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We can monitor the resource allocation, and if, for example, a resource is not available for the next seven days, we can assign the tasks assigned to that resource to another resource.

The team collaboration features are perfect. Building a team for a project is also smooth because we have sets of credentials for every team member, so they can easily log into the application and start using it because we have assigned project and sub-project tasks to various team members, like development, engineering, product, data analytics, sales, marketing, and consulting. They can use the solution anywhere at any time and plan their work accordingly. The level of visibility PPM Pro provides comes in handy in our day-to-day work because everything is moving to the cloud. More people are working remotely or doing hybrid work in the office. It gives them the flexibility to use the product from anywhere. It is used by developers, junior developers, testers, marketing staff, etc., and we have a repository of all the contact details for each resource. We can easily track or easily reach team members when any requirements change. So it is quite efficient and quite easy.The time-tracking capabilities are also excellent. We haven't experienced a single issue while developing timelines and the Gantt chart for each project. It has a nice notification system that informs us when we are approaching the deadline for a project or task, so we can update the senior stakeholders. 350c69d7ab


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